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eliminating racism empowering women YWCA greater pittsburgh

Board of Directors

These dedicated volunteer leaders from the corporate and non-profit community bring with them a commitment to build an ever-stronger and more diverse YWCA Greater Pittsburgh. 

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Marsha Jones, President
LaJuana Fuller, Vice President
Sheila Vélez Martínez, Vice President
Tishekia Williams, Vice President
Michelle A. Mantine, Secretary
Angela Maher, Treasurer


Debra Caplan
Bridgette  N. Cofield, J.D., S.P.H.R.
Mary (Dee) Delaney
Maribeth D. Donnelly
Melanie Gefert-Azur
Mariann Geyer
R. Anne Herman
Jennifer B. Kelly
Cheryl L. Kubelick, Ph.D
Mildred E. Morrison
Mildred S. Myers, D.A.
Shakita Trigg, CSSGB, SA
Zauyah Waite
Vonda Wright, M.D.

Honorary Board Members

Clementine K. Brodsky
Lavera S. Brown*
Sarah B. Campbell
Helen S. Faison, Ph.D.*
Elsie H. Hillman*
Cordelia Jacobs
Carole Markus
Mary H. Page, Ph.D.



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