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eliminating racism empowering women YWCA greater pittsburgh


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               Co-Interim Chief Executive Officers

Executive Staff

Beth Heeb
Co-Interim Chief Executive Officer 
Monique McIntosh 
Co-Interim Chief Executive Officer 
Barbara Nicholas
Development Officer 
Lisa Scanlon
Senior Director, Financial Services
Barbara Johnson
Senior Director of Race and Gender Equity


Program Directors

Kimberly Turner, Early Learning Resource Center, 412-255-1281
Linda Broman, Early Learning Resource Center, 412-255-1618
Melissa Fuller, Early Learning Resource Center - Keystone STARS, 412-255-1290
Marjorie Lennox, Resource Center & Housing Programs, 412-255-1292
Ashley Zahorchak, Youth Services & STEM Education, 412-345-7744
Cheryl R. Smith, Homewood-Brushton Child Development and Education, 412-365-1910

YWCA is more than a place. YWCA is a force for social change forging a trail of leadership, advocacy, and action wherever we recognize community needs. YWCA Greater Pittsburgh Is on a mission that it shares with 220 YWCAs across the nation.

It takes courage. It takes compassion. It takes commitment. It takes you. Join us. 

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