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Young Leaders Board

YWCA Greater Pittsburgh’s Young Leaders Board is a group of enterprising young professionals who provide advice, promote our programs and initiatives, organize events, and brainstorm new ways YWCA can engage with the community.

Want to join the Young Leaders Board? Applications are due by 1/31/22. You can download the application below.

Download the application

Young Leaders Board


Alexis Walker
Office of Mayor Ed Gainey, Education Coordinator

Brynnaiza Young 
The Center for Race & Gender Equity Consultant

Ellyana Gomez 
Neighborhood Learning Alliance

Katlyn Weiser 
Allegheny Conference on Community Development

Mary Green 
PNC Financial Services Group

Olivia Ricci
FedEx Ground

Yazmin Bennett-Kelly

Healthy Start, Inc Pittsburgh


YWCA Greater Pittsburgh’s Young Leaders Board builds local community awareness and support for YWCA GP through fundraising initiatives and advocacy programming that align with YWCA GP mission and vision. The Young Leaders Board engages in activities and sponsors events that help support the mission of YWCA GP. 

Recruitment for new board members begins in December 2022, with interviews being conducted in late January 2023. Ideal candidates for the Young Leaders Board are diverse, young women between the ages of 21-35 years old who demonstrate a commitment to community engagement, civic leadership, and volunteerism. 

Value Proposition and Benefits 

• Community-Building: Be part of a network of emerging and established community leaders who are committed to YWCA GP mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. 

• Strategy: Gain a deeper understanding of YWCA GP programmatic and strategic priorities of race and gender equity, early childhood and youth education, and economic advancement. 

• Leadership Development: Develop and define your leadership skills by participating in professional development opportunities including networking, event planning, fundraising, community outreach, etc. while learning the fundamentals of non-profit board service. 


What is the individual term length for Young Leaders Board members? 

Members of the Young Leaders Board are expected to commit to a three-year term. 

How often does the Young Leaders Board meet? 

The Young Leaders Board meets twice every three months for a general board meeting. The date and time of all Board meetings is determined by a majority vote by the Board at the start of the calendar year. In-person attendance is preferred and strongly encouraged; however, a hybrid option is always available. There are also Committee meetings that members of the Young Leaders Board are expected to attend and participate in throughout the year. 

How many committees does the Young Leaders Board have? 

The Young Leaders Board committees include:

  • Executive 
  • Fundraiser 
  • Events 
  • Marketing 
  • Membership 
  • Women Helping Women 

Each Young Leaders Board member is expected to serve on at least one Committee. Committee members are responsible for generating ideas, communicating feedback and planning events that are in alignment with the mission and vision of YWCA GP. 

What are the financial expectations of Young Leaders Board members? 

Each member of the Young Leaders Board is expected to make a significant and annual financial contribution of at least $50 to YWCA GP. This individual contribution is in addition to any other monetary gifts or purchases made to the organization, including event ticket sales, in-kind donations, raffle items, etc. The annual contribution is subject to change each year and is determined by a majority vote of the Young Leaders Board.