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​JOB TITLE: Chief Executive Officer

​Please note that this position does not use YWCA's typical application process. Interested and qualified candidates are welcome to submit a resume and cover letter to Korn Ferry by following this link

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the implementation of strategic plans as set by the Board of Directors. The CEO will be responsible for annual goals and objectives, which will include financial, program, development, administrative management, community outreach, and leadership of the organization. Guidance and direction are provided by the President of the Board, and by the Board and its Executive Committee.

The successful CEO will champion the YWCA’s mission and vision with strong leadership focusing in four critical areas:

Strategic Leadership: Implement and guide the organizational strategy in partnership with the Board and management that defines the YWCA’s focused role in the community and what its priority mission impact will be.
o Build organizational sustainability and improve organizational productivity.

Team Leadership: Lead a senior management team to carry out the organizational strategy and successfully manage a significant organizational change process.
o Ensure the effective operation and delivery of programs within the YWCA and community.
o Support the organization's mission and principles.
o Foster a positive and collaborative internal culture
o Establish and monitor adherence to policies and procedures
o Examine and repair internal structures to combat bias.

Community Leadership: Ensure a visible, substantive, leadership role in the greater Pittsburgh community on issues related to anti-racism efforts and gender equality.
o Establish strong, positive relationships with local government officials and foundation leaders.
o Establish collegial relationships with leaders of other community non-profits.
o Raise the YWCA’s profile by being available to print and broadcast journalists.

Resource Development Leadership: Build new, sustainable, and diverse streams of funding. Ensure the annual budget is funded and the organization has adequate cash flow.
o Develop strategic plans to generate revenues through a variety of fundraising techniques. Identify, cultivate, and solicit donors. Oversee planning and implementation of special events
o Provide guidance and oversight to staff and volunteers performing resource development functions.
o Oversee management of donor software.

Key Responsibilities

The Chief Executive Officer is a bold and strategic leader who articulates the vision and mission of the YWCA, furthers the organization’s goal to empower women, eliminate racism and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. The CEO is accountable to the Board of Directors and provides leadership to preserve the rich legacy and sustainability of the YWCA in accordance with its powerful mission and vision. The CEO works collaboratively with the Board and the local associations to create a vision for the future, and provide overall strategic leadership to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans, and policies. The CEO motivates, inspires and teams with the staff, volunteers, and the multitude of stakeholders within the YWCA movement.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities Include:

External Affairs, Advocacy and Fundraising:

• Serves as the organization’s primary spokesperson, brand champion and advocate, increasing the YWCA’s visibility and national reputation.
• Develops cutting-edge strategies and approaches to address the changing social, political, and economic landscapes impacting the movement’s mission, vision and activities.
• Engages with public policy leaders and other influencers, helping to shape the agenda and decision making of government officials and other external stakeholders.
• In partnership with the associations, ensures the mission is represented to appropriate audiences in local, state, and national media, and with similar advocacy initiatives.
• Actively drives YWCA’s long-term fundraising efforts to secure significant investments from diverse sources.
• Develops collaborative partnerships with other national social justice and empowerment organizations.
• Contributes to the vision and thought leadership in the public dialog around Racial Justice and Civil Rights, Empowerment and Economic Advancement of Women and Girls, and Health and Safety of Women and Girls.

Board Engagement:

• Maintains a transparent relationship with the Board and works collaboratively with Board members to establish strategic direction and policies, enabling the organization to adapt to a constantly changing external environment.
• Administratively supports the Board of Directors in the recruitment and cultivation of new members and committee chairs that best fit the organization’s values, strategic objectives, and functional needs.
• Provides regular reports on all strategic, operational and programmatic matters.
• Oversees the preparation of annual operating plans and budgets for review and approval by the Board.

Organizational and Leadership and Management:

• Provides inspiring leadership and ensures internal culture supports the mission while promoting synergy and collaboration across the organization.
• Provides overall leadership of staff in all aspects of managing the organization including development and executions of plans, policies, programs, activities, grants, and related business.
• Develops and leads the implementation of YWCA’s organization-wide vision and long- term strategic plan with appropriate delegation to direct reports.
• Demonstrates an energetic, entrepreneurial nature that combines leadership and intellectual curiosity with practical management skills.
• Ensures all operations, human, and financial resources are sound and aligned to provide the highest impact and implementation.
• Oversees the financial management of the organization, manages the approved annual budget, ensures targets are met and provides for appropriate controls and accountability of all funds, physical assets and other property.
• Reviews current practices and methods and initiates development of new ones as necessary to reduce costs, encourage growth and improve efficiency.
• Oversees the human resources function to ensure optimum staffing and utilization of competent staff, recommending policy changes to benefits, compensation, employment, training, performance appraisal, rewarding and disciplining employees and resolving complaints and issues and other areas as appropriate.
• Maintains the accuracy and integrity of financial information, reporting and disclosure requirements, internal controls and management information systems.
• Protects the legal interests of the organization and upholds and maintains compliance with the law; retains and works with outside counsel to obtain opinions or handle claims and litigation.
• Develops strategic partnerships with agencies, community organizations and other relevant parties that are aligned with the Strategic Plan and Annual Work Plans.
• Represents Pittsburgh in YWCA of USA issues and activities and exercises vote (President exercises second vote).
• Performs other duties and responsibilities as required.

Position Requirements:

• Ten or more years’ experience directing an organization or a complex function/operation that includes experience with strategic planning/execution, staff leadership, programs and advocacy.
• Must have 5 or more years of management level experience with skills in each of the following:
o Financial Management: fiscal/financial skills in dealing with all phases of business operations.
o Planning: organization and planning skills, development of long- and short-range plans and tactics.
o Organization Management: skills in staffing complex organizations and directing, developing, appraising employees to attain desired organization goals and results.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the Board of Directors, staff, community groups and other related agencies, and be a fixture in the community who is inspirational and a proactive connector and facilitator of innovative programs.
• Political savvy to build and sustain relationships with many internal and external constituencies including local associations, peer organizations, government agencies funding sources, and the media.
• Successful record of growing top line revenue, establishing innovative sources of income and driving sustainable growth.
• Demonstrated success in fundraising across private, public and governmental sectors.
• Proven track record for team building in a complex, multi-layered organization with success in attracting, developing, motivating and retaining a diverse staff.
• Proven management, business, and financial acumen within an organization of similar scale of complexity.
• Strong communication skills, both oral and written, with an infectious enthusiasm for the mission and the ability to engage and inspire others.
• Ability to plan organization-wide activities and work with the Board of Directors, YWCA stakeholders, government agencies, community groups and others as necessary.
• Knowledge of grant administration, contract negotiations/administration, community organizations and principles of marketing/public relations and media.
• Engaging and effective communication skills culminating in a strong advocate for the organization who will safeguard the mission of YWCA.
• Keen analytic, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities that enable sound decision-making.
• Strong professional ethics, integrity, and accountability in all actions.
• Commitment to the mission and values of the YWCA Greater Pittsburgh and to its role and reputation in the Greater Pittsburgh community.
• Demonstrated understanding of the complex nature of racial and gender justice and equity. Ability to be a regional thought leader on the issues impacting women, especially women of color.
• Commitment to continuous professional development.


Master’s Degree in Business, Finance, Non-profit Management or relevant area of concentration; Advanced degree preferred.


A competitive compensation package will be made available to the selected candidate.

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Did you know?

According to the Center for Disease Control, African American women are over three times more likely to be murdered with a gun than white women.

Read more about YWCA's position on gun violence.

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