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Act Now

Defend the Affordable Care Act and Protect Quality, Accessible Care!

PLEASE ACT NOW: Congress is trying to take ANOTHER vote on the American Health Care Act intended to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TODAY, Congress is voting on the American Health Care Act, AGAIN. This bill was bad for women and families before, and the proposed changes are STILL bad for women and families.
Urge your Member of Congress to oppose the American Health Care Act!

  • Preserve the ACA's health care protections for women and girls, including essential health benefits, coverage for pre-existing conditions, access to reproductive health services, and a strong Medicaid program.
  • Ensure that the ACA is not repealed without a viable replacement plan in place that preserves these important protections for women and girls. AND
  • Vote against the House-approved American Health Care Act (AHCA) if it is brought to a vote.

Repealing the ACA without a viable replacement plan risks far too much for women and families across the country.

Step 1: Locate your Senator here.

Step 2: Tell your Senator:
My name is [your name] and I am calling from [your city/state and, if applicable, your organization].

I'm writing today to urge you to protect the health care benefits provided by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that are important to me, my family, and my community.

The ACA provides a healthcare lifeline for 9.5 million women who could not otherwise afford health insurance, and has been particularly beneficial for women of color, whose uninsured rates have dropped dramatically. In addition to getting access to health coverage, the ACA includes many provisions that are critical to women's health.

Any health care legislation must maintain-and states must not be allowed to waive-key provisions of the ACA, including:

  • Coverage for the full array of essential health benefits that the ACA mandates for low income people in the Medicaid program, and for people who have health insurance through the healthcare exchanges or other individual and employer plans.
  • Protections for survivors of domestic violence so that they are not penalized if their abusers block their access to health coverage.
  • A structurally sound, well-funded Medicaid program that is available to all individuals who meet established income levels, including people who gained health coverage through their state's expansion of Medicaid eligibility. The Medicaid program should not be transitioned to block grants or per-capita caps.
  • The full range of reproductive health services for women and girls, including continued Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood, which is often the only women's health provider in many communities.
  • Full and affordable coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, so that they can get the care they need without fear of being denied or cut off from coverage when the costs for surgery, cancer, diabetes, or other health conditions run high.

For any health care legislation the Senate takes up, I urge you to consider this single question: Does the proposed replacement bill maintain the gains for women and girls in health care coverage, affordability, and accessibility that have been achieved under the ACA? If the answer is no on any of these priorities, as your constituent, I urge you to vote NO on that bill.

The House-passed American Health Care Act (AHCA) certainly does not meet this standard, and if the Senate chooses to take it up, I urge you to VOTE NO. The AHCA fails to maintain any of the ACA provisions that are critical for women's health, and an estimated 24 million people are likely to lose coverage if it becomes law. This is unacceptable.

Step 3: Share this action alert with your networks, allies, and constituents.

Step 4: Let us know you've acted by emailing

Step 5: Share your concerns on social media, using #ACA. Tweet directly at your representative! Fewer than 50 tweets from constituents can make a difference - your voice counts.


Urge your Reps to:

VOTE NO to the Affordable Care Act.
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Protect Federal Funding!

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