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The Liz Prine Fund

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Elizabeth Erskine Prine

Elizabeth Erskine Prine served on the YWCA Greater Pittsburgh board and was one of the youngest women ever elected to YWCA's national board.  The Liz Prine Fund was created in 1982 by family and friends following Liz's death at the age of 44 after an eight-month battle with cancer.   

Liz Prine was known for her aggressive, hands-on approach to empowering women. She believed the YW should immerse itself in the economic, racial and social problems that deprive women – young and old – from sharing in life’s opportunities. The Liz Prine Fund honors the memory of a real woman committed to making real differences in the lives of other women.

How does The Liz Prine Fund work?

The Liz Prine Fund makes one-time grants of up to $1000 to women who have nowhere else to turn… women like Audra, a single parent of three trying to juggle unauthorized expenses on her bank account, shut-off notices from her utilities, and keeping a roof over her family's heads.  An agency referred Audra to the YW and The Liz Prine Fund. Audra has since been able to resolve payments with the utilities and get back on her feet -- and is now working on putting her middle child through college! 

Audra is one of many who found hope and help making ends meet through The Liz Prine Fund. If you or someone you know might benefit from The Liz Prine Fund, please email or phone us (412-255-1488) for further information. 

Make a Real Difference

Are you -- like Liz Erskine Prine -- passionate about supporting other women who are struggling?

Click here to make a contribution to The Liz Prine Fund today. And make a real difference in someone's life.

Did you know?

According to the Center for Disease Control, African American women are over three times more likely to be murdered with a gun than white women.

Read more about YWCA's position on gun violence.

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