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You can get knocked off your feet when you least expect it. 

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I was a 33-year old dancer. I needed a new career.

That’s when I found my knack.

I excelled in nursing school and landed a job as a pediatric nurse. I was a single mom, supporting my three boys on my own. Then life knocked me off my feet. I was diagnosed with cancer.

My doctors recommended drastic surgery and chemotherapy, which led to major lifestyle changes. Things just got worse and worse. I lost my job, and now I support my family on disability checks.

We were getting by until the day I got a call from the bank informing me that my account was overdrawn. That’s when I discovered several hundred dollars in unauthorized expenses. I’ve been successful in disputing them, but it has taken years to get them resolved.

When you’re living off a fixed income, a little behind is a lot. My first priority was to keep a roof over our heads — so I paid my rent in full, and my utilities got behind. I was making payments, but it was an uphill battle.

Then the shut-off notices came. I called agency after agency until somebody referred me to YWCA Greater Pittsburgh. I got an appointment that week. I walked in, shut-off notices in hand, asking for any help they could provide.

Two days later, I got a call…the YW said they were going to pay what was needed to get things up and running.

I’ve since been able to resolve payments with the utilities, and I’m back on my feet. Right now, I am working on putting my middle child through college — he’s pursuing a medical degree, like his mom.

If you had told me ten years ago that I would be writing this letter, I would have said you were crazy. I THOUGHT, WITH ALL MY EDUCATION — EVEN WHEN I GOT SICK — THAT I WOULD BE ABLE TO HANDLE ANYTHING THAT CAME MY WAY. BUT SOMETIMES, YOU JUST NEED TO ASK FOR HELP.

Won’t you help keep someone on her feet? Please give to the Liz Prine Fund today.

Thank you,

Audra Rotella
Liz Prine Fund Grant recipient 
Give to The Liz Prine Fund today.

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