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Women's Impact Network (WIN)

Women experiencing sudden economic distress can now knock on the door of one agency and automatically open the door to services at two other agencies. The key is the Women's Impact Network – a collaboration from YWCA Greater Pittsburgh, Neighborhood Legal Services Association, and Center for Women – that offers career, legal, and emergency services for women who unexpectedly find themselves in financial crises due to a life-changing event or situation.

Falling into poverty can happen abruptly for women. The sudden loss of a job or loved one can place a woman in dire economic straits that she has never before encountered. Funded by the Women's Leadership Council of the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania, the Women's Impact Network helps women in crisis situations connect to services and maintain self-sufficiency. These steps include free legal advice and/or representation, job readiness and training programs, and access to housing, childcare, healthcare and public benefits.

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Susan is a mother of four children recently separated from her husband. Her husband was the sole provider while they were married, but he only paid partial support once they separated. Susan found seasonal employment to help make ends meet while still taking care of her kids. During the off-season Susan needed help paying an outstanding water bill. Through WEI, Susan applied for and received funding for her water bill. She was also advised by Neighborhood Legal Services Association about receiving the full amount of support from her husband. 

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Deborah is a recently single woman in her late forties working as an intern to gain experience. She contacted the YWCA's Women’s Resource Center in hopes of finding full-time employment. Through WEI, Deborah was referred to Pennsylvania Women Work for career counseling. After hearing more about Deborah’s story, the Women’s Resource Center also referred her to Neighborhood Legal Services Association so that she could collect support from her former husband. 

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Tia is a single parent who works as a hairstylist to support her child. She had everything on track and her bill payments were up to date. After withdrawing money from an ATM to make a payment on her car, she realized the money was missing from her purse. She retraced her steps, only to realize she had lost her envelope full of money in the parking lot. Tia wouldn’t be able to drive to work or to drop her child off at daycare without her car. Tia was referred to the Women’s Resource Center to apply for financial assistance to make the car payment she missed. She was approved for funds and was able to keep her car, her job, and daycare. 



YW Resolute

In this time of change, YWCA remains resolute and focused on our mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all. Enlist in our vision. 
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