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Level Up: Greater Pittsburgh Pay Equity Campaign

Black Women’s Policy Center (BWPC), Women and Girls Foundation (WGF), and YWCA Greater Pittsburgh (YWCA GP) have launched a collective pay equity campaign to close the gender pay gap in the Pittsburgh region. 

Help Us Advocate For Equal Pay

By Taking the Pledge

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Take the Pledge Now

Cities across the United States have made remarkable progress in closing the gender pay gap. Despite being awarded the title of “America’s Most Livable City,” Pittsburgh and the surrounding region continue to struggle with pay equity, especially when it comes to women of color. Employers in the Greater Pittsburgh region have the power to close the gender pay gap. The Level Up campaign is asking companies throughout the Pittsburgh region to take the Pay Equity Pledge. This pledge, developed by a working committee of local businesses, nonprofits, and organizations dedicated to racial, gender, and economic justice, has five pillars:

  1. Commit to supporting, promoting, and engaging in pay transparency early during the hiring process.

  2. Ensure a fair and equitable hiring process by eliminating desired salary and salary history questions from the application process.

  3. Provide annual company-wide diversity trainings to address, reduce, and educate about unconscious biases and associated barriers that impact hiring, promotion, and organizational culture.?

  4. Undertake an annual review of gender and race pay differences among employees performing comparable tasks requiring similar levels of responsibility, skills, complexity, and working conditions and considering levels of education, prior experience, skill, and company tenure.

  5. Commit to reviewing policies and practices to ensure compliance with The National Labor Relations Act of 1935.?

This isn’t just about equity for Black women; It’s also about improving our region’s economy, strengthening our region’s companies, and building strength for our region’s families.


By Telling Your Pay Equity Story


Collecting the real experiences of women navigating the gender pay gap will provide great support to this advocacy effort. Please join us by sharing your Pay Equity Story and by sharing the survey with the women in your network. Share your story here.

By Contacting Your Representative

The Paycheck Fairness Act takes steps to update and strengthen the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and works towards closing the gender pay gap. This bill implements the necessary steps to challenge discrimination and empower employers by:
  • Closing critical loopholes that allowed employers to justify paying workers unfairly,
  • Prohibiting employers from relying on salary history to set wages,
  • Preventing employers from retaliating against workers who discuss or disclose their wages, and
  • Collect much needed data to provide greater transparency.
  • Congress has the ability to change the economic trajectory for women – it’s time they act!
Contact your representative today and tell them it’s time to show their support for equal pay for equal work! Stand with working women by passing the Paycheck Fairness Act today!